Your Best Face Forward – The Art Of Applying Makeup

You can look best by correct make up techniques. You should know the type of make up you use and how to apply it properly. You have to make your appearance the best and know the types of products that are good for your skin. Select the proper colors which should give you a glow to your complexion.

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It is easy to apply make up in case you use the correct technique. Women make two common mistakes at the time of make up, those are wrong colors and excess make up. You should chose colors that are in harmony with your skin tones. Do not use dark colors for tight skin. No excess make up. Apply less for natural glow. Use concealer. It hides flaws and blemishes on your skin and can be used under eye circles. Concealer changes the overall look of your face and it should match your skin tone. Do not stretch the skin when you apply the concealer.

After covering the dark circles, apply foundation or base which comes in thin cream matching the color of your skin. Most women do not use foundation. If you have uneven skin tone, you can use foundation. It would be a good idea if you use a make up wedge on your fingers before applying foundation. Apply foundation from the nose. The foundation should be well blended around face edges. Now, apply powder blush with angled make up brush. Now move the brush to apples of cheeks and then to temples. The brush should be well blended on the temple. By this, the fine powder will not be on the hairline.

After blush, apply eye make up. Generally, use a flat paint brush. Apply lighter shade to the top of the eyelid. You can also experiment with different shades. Now, apply eyeliner and mascara. Pencil eyeliner is easy to use. You can also have waterproof mascara if you are a swimmer. The next step is lipstick. Make it a point to remove makeup before going to bed.

Make up is an art and it is used to enhance your natural looks. Without make up, nothing can work especially in the glamor world. If you need a great make up, consult a stylist. He will deal with the curvatures of your face and body and give you the finer tips enhancing your beauty. Consulting an expert is most important in case you are not perfect in the field of make up. Make up is an art since the the times of ancient kings and queens.